Historical Ownership

Demesne – Manor of South Perton


Owned by the son of Emma of Normandy, Edward the Confessor.  Given by Grant to Westminster Abbey


Owned by the Abbot of Westminster. Assessed as 3 hides as 1 of 13 properties having a demesne.  Perton had the greatest arable cultivation in the area.  6 plough teams, 1 team at Demesne, 1 freeman, 13 villeins, 2 borders.  All valued at 40 shillings.

The Demesne was the Manor House and farm which produced the food to feed the King

and his courtiers on their visits to Perton Moated Hall.


The Abbot of Westminster released it to the Crown on rent of £5 per year paid to Trinity College, Cambridge University from 1646 to 1938.


 Tenant by Lord John de Perton in return for 8 days knightly service to the King in his wars in Wales.


The King granted to Lord John de Perton Free Warren on all of the Demesne at South Perton.


John de Perton bastard son of Sir John was granted Royal Warrant and use of the forest for hunting.


A warren was the importation of rabbits to the hillside for breeding as ready food supply.


The forest measured 2 leagues x 3 furlongs.


The Manor then passed amongst many prominent King’s Courtiers; Sir Humphrey Stafford, Lord Willoughby de Broke, Sir William Compton, Sir Walter Leveson.


1576 Sir Richard Leveson took over Perton from his brother Edward’s widow Elizabeth.



Sir Richard Leveson as Vice Admiral to Sir Francis Drake married Margaret, daughter of Lord Effingham, (Lord High Admiral of England.)


Sir Richard incarcerated Lady Margaret in Oxley House as deemed insane and took in his mistress Mary Fitton.


Lord Effingham, Father and guardian of Lady Margaret was not pleased.



Sir Richard was appointed Vice Admiral of the fleet to Sir Francis Drake.



Sir Richard Leveson was found dead at the age of 36 years and his bastard daughter Ann  

Fitton took over with a distant cousin (Richard).  His bronze statue is in St Peter’  Church, Wolverhampton.


Mary Fitton claimed ownership and produced children by a number of the King’s   prominent courtiers.  Married William Polwheele in 1606 who died in 1609, she married John Lougher 1612 he died also in 1635 (was she a serial killer?).

1987 Francis Carr, 20 Park Street, Brighton, Sussex BN2 7BS researched and wrote a book claiming that William Shakespeare and Francis Bacon spent 3 years living with Mary Fitton at Perton.  That Mary Fitton was the Dark Lady of Shakespeare’s sonnet.  That the sonnets were written by Francis Bacon and claimed by William Shakespeare.  That Francis Bacon was the son of Queen Elizabeth I and that orthodox scholarship is hidden behind a wall of silence.


In Proof

Alnwick Castle holds the Northumberland Manuscript.


On the cover page is written in a contents list:


‘Items by Mr ffrauncis, William Shakespeare, Rychard the Second, Rychard the Third’.


Under the name ‘Mr ffrauncis’ is written upside down the words ‘Your sovereign’.


At the head of the page is written ‘Mr ffrauncis Bacon/of tribute giving what is due’.


British Museum – The Promus

This little book in Bacon’s own handwriting contains over 100 phrases and sentences which appear not in Bacon’s acknowledged works BUT in Shakespeare’s plays.


1631  Pierce Ambrose wrote the first biography of Bacon.  It reads ‘Bacon saw himself one day to hold in his hand the helm of the kingdom.  He was born of the Purple’.


All contained in information from:

Francis Carr, Park Street, Brighton.  Letters page Coventry Telegraph February 21st 1987.


1662  Perton Manor came to the Wrottesley family.


1743  Perton Quarry was established to produce sandstone blocks, which are seen in all schools, walls and churches of Wolverhampton.  The Forest was mostly razed.


1880  Thomas Thorneycroft was so rich that he offered to pay off the national debt.  He was an amateur technologist and his inventions which he listed as thirty were domestic and sanitary, he extended an earlier Roman Turkish and saltwater bath.


1885  Perton Manor was extended to become a model farm with over 400 acres.


1932  Granddad Thomas William Roberts became tenant farmer.


1964  Thomas William Roberts Jnr purchased Perton Manor House and Farm from the sale of the Wrottesley Estate.


1972  Barbara Roberts, Susan, Celia and Patricia became owners due to the sudden death of Thomas William Roberts Jr.


1984  Grandson William Roberts Wilson with sister Verity was

born and restoration of the domestic buildings commenced.


1988  Western Orbital Motorway Route was announced to cut through the whole property.  Work was commenced to speed up the restorations to increase the compensation or to stop the motorway because of ancient monuments.


1992  Planning permission for Human Burial with their Pets Cemetery granted. Extended in 1997 to be in the path of the proposed motorway, 3 dedicated ladies have been buried with express last testament that their bodies can never be dug up so ended the motorway proposals.


1997  The Western Orbital Motorway was abandoned and a trading company South Perton Group Limited

This company was set up to manage the affairs of trading companies, set up to cover diversification businesses established since 1977 namely:

Tough Guy Limited

Mr Mouse Farm Limited

These businesses have an annual turnover of approaching £740,000 in 2007 with a high profit margin.


The income from this source of revenue have been used to extensively renovate, restore and provide the amenities and Horses Heroes & Kids Sanctuary Charity No 1102444.


Also parcels of adjoining land have been purchased and various planning approvals have been obt



1)            150 acres of horse occupation.

2)            60 acres of leisure park.

3)            40 acres of human burial ground.


2000  Millennium Pledge to Help Get Kids off the Streets Perton Initiative commenced.


2003  Accelerated Restoration

A pleasant surprise has occurred by the employment of several workers from Poland.


Their talents of construction have now been exposed as of professional craftsmen in all skills of building and construction.


Victorian Restoration

This unique opportunity to fully restore the whole brick building complex into an enjoyable and delightful Mannor Pile for the generations of the future must not be missed.


Many examples of the tradesman skills are in situ for inspection.  An estimated time for completion is 2015.


Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary was established in 1976. Its purpose to rescue Horses, rescue Kids off the Streets all governed and tuition supervised by old soldiers Heros.

Tough Guy™ was created and established in 1989 to be the fundraising tool to bring in the income to restore the Manor, to use the Manor as old manors did become the Centre of Village Life Helping the Unfortunates, creating Jobs taking in and caring for Horses and Animals.

These policies have bought one of the most well known and well respected Charities in the country that has inspired many many more Charities around the country to follow the examples.

Non more than Help Us Get Kids off the Streets Safely which commenced Millenium Year 2000 and has in May 1st 2011 matured to be Kids Off Streets Safely taught to Help Kids Off Streets to Help Animals, to be governed by Ex-soldiers, Sgt Majors, we have AQUIRED!


Mr. Mouse Club For Unfortunates
Jenny Walkers Valley Of Beautiful Dreams
Old Perton, WV6 7HB